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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A Morning Stroll (2011)


Director: Grant Orchard
Writer: Casper G. Clausen (story "The Chicken")

Producer: Sue Goffe
Executive producers: Pam Dennis / Sue Goffe / Philip Hunt
Assistant Producer: Janine Murphy
Music & Sound Design: Nic Gill 
Film editing: Nic Gill
Production Design: Grant Orchard
Animation: Sander Jones / Perrine Marais / Florian Mounie / Max Stoehr / Lucas Vigroux
Additional animation & Artwork: Kaye Lavender / Gemma Mortlock / Grant Orchard / David Prosser / Gergely Wootsch
Modelling:  Anna Kubik / Gemma Mortlock / Daniel Garnerone / Vincent Husset / Adam Avery / Cristobal Infante / Gergely Wootsch
Rigging: Adam Avery / Fabrice Altman / Lucas Vigroux / Cristobal Infante
Texturing: Anna Kubik / Daniel Garnerone / Vincent Husset
Visual EffectsFabrice Altman / Rob Chapman / Cristobal Infante
Lighting & Compositing: Will Eagar  / Anna Kubik
Pre-visualization  & Layout: Anna Kubik
CG supervisor: James Gaillard
Production coordinator: Ren Pesci / Anna Kubik
Technical support Director: Fabrice Altman
Production company: Studio AKA

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